The 5th Japan Foundation Movie Festival

Japan Foundation Seoul

Planning/Editing: Japan Foundation Seoul (Geunbeom Kim)
Graphic Design: Bit Han

Type Of Work
Film Festival, Festival Identity
Typography, Poster, Brochure
‘Japan Foundation Movie Festival’ is one of the cultural exchange programs at the Japan Foundation’s Seoul Cultural Center that selects, introduces and screens Japanese films annually. 

For the 5th festival, diverse array of Japanese films that fall into three sections, ‘Latest Japanese Movies,’ ‘Kinejun Best 3,’ and ‘Shinkai Makoto Special’, were shown.
Adapting the organically shifting typefaces, three colors and geometric figures, the design reveal the character of the festival such as the diverse genre of Japanese films on screen, their flow and interesting three sections. The typefaces used can be utilized by liberal transformation according to the area and the contents, while creating interesting forms in their own right. 

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