Red and Black

Personal Work

Type Of Work
Collage, Risograph printing
A good plan is helpful in creating good results, but not everything consistently unfolds as planned. This also holds true for the design process. While a designer's careful planning can lead to a smoother process, it may result in a less exciting outcome and pose difficulties in integrating new (or better) ideas.
I intentionally practiced going beyond the plan by choosing a method that was difficult to control, instead of using my laptop. Following my self-imposed rules of using only two colors (red and black), I collected images from books and magazines, arranged them separately, overlapped them, and printed them out with randomly assigned different colors.
This work is created through randomly collected images, accidental arrangements, and overlaps, ultimately expressing the initial intent in a completely different manner. The title signifies the original intent, which contrasts with the outcome. It's a project that reflects on the design process and methods using planning, habits, gaps, and serendipity.

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