Magazine F Issue No.2 Cheese Exhibition

Baedal Minjok (BAEMIN)
Woowa Brothers Corp.

Type Of Work
Exhibition, Magazine
Installation, 3D
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Creative Direction: Myungsoo Han, Insung Chang
Planning/Project Management: Taegyeong Lee, Seyoung Kang
Art Direction/Design: Bit Han, Eunmi Kim
3D Design: Hyosun Kim
Production: Byeonggyu Yoo, Seunggyo Jung

'Magazine F' is a food documentary magazine created by B Media Company, the same company behind Magazine B, and Baedal Minjok. Starting with its first issue, 'salt,' Magazine F explores the significant impact of food ingredients and the people who create and enjoy them on human food culture. It tells the story of how food communicates with people.

I designed an exhibition to celebrate the release of the magazine's second issue, 'cheese.' Essentially, the exhibition allows people to see the cheeses featured in the magazine in person. Furthermore, our team created an exhibition that allows the audience to experience the theme of Magazine F and Cheese in a different way through installation art.

Photo: Magazine F Issue No.2 Cheese, Magazine B

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