8th Film Festival For Women’s Right—Rush
Client: Korea Women’s Hotline
Researching and editing: Korea Women’s Hotline (Ranhee Song, Yuyeon Choi, Jeong)
Creative Direction / Graphic Design: Bit Han

Festival Identity for the 8th Film Festival for Women’s Rights. Beginning in 2006, this film festival has been dealing with films on women’s rights and sexual minorities intensively. For its 8th year, films from around the world were shown under a title, Rush. The client intended for a consistent rush like a marathon, not a speedy dash. It was to cheer for those who are running hard from their respective places and to wish for the victory of most normal people. 
I decided to use the word ‘Rush’ in its raw form. Like numerous people who run in line, the small letters come together to create certain forms. This may become a door to a better world, a way (light) to follow, or perhaps a large wave. This graphic motif was combined with three colors, each separate, and used for all forms of media. Degree of extension (letter size) differs according to each medium; I wanted the audience to find themselves and become closer to them through this film festival.

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