2020 - 2021

Woowa Brothers Vietnam Company Ltd.

Type Of Work
Branding, Brand Strategy, Campaigns
Visual Identity, Typeface
Digital Design, Attire, Mascot

2020 Type Champions Award
2021 Red Dot Awards, Best Of The Best
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Project Direction: Bongjin Kim
Executive Project Direction: Kiwan Ihn
Brand Strategy/Project Management: Kyulim Kim
Project Coordination: Khoa Nguyen, Hai Yen
Creative & Art Direction: Bit Han, Kyulim Kim
Graphic Design: Bit Han, Ly Do, Truong Phong, Bao Tran
Production: Ngoc Mai Ngan
Product Design: Jiyeon Jeon, Cheoljun Lim

Rice Studios
Creative Direction: Chi An De Leo, Sebastiaan Weyler
Graphic Design: Daniel Keeffe
Account Management: Nga Hoang
Project Management: Vy Vu
Type Design: Kia Tasbihgou
BAEMIN is a food delivery platform company in Vietnam. It started its service in Ho Chi Minh City in May 2019 and quickly gained brand recognition, entering the market as the second-largest player within a short span of time.
The following content provides an overview of how BAEMIN Vietnam built a new brand in the initial two years of its operations.

BAEMIN's parent company, Woowa Brothers, is the most famous food delivery platform company in Korea. BAEMIN pioneered the food delivery platform market and has been leading the Korean market for over a decade. One of the keys to its success is its unique branding. The unique marketing approaches from the early stages of the business became a significant part of the brand.

In 2019, BAEMIN set ambitious goals to expand abroad and took its first steps in Vietnam. To introduce our brand to Vietnam, we built a new brand that was both similar to and different from the existing brand.

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