Discovery, Restoration and Re-creation
Established in 1974 with the founding of the Korean Film Archive, and celebrating its 40th anniversary, the Korean Film Archive's Cinema Tech KOFA commemorated this milestone with an event titled "Discovery, Restoration and Re-creation"

At this film festival, a total of 53 films were screened, including silent films unearthed by the Korean Film Archive, newly restored films, movies reborn as 3D films through modern technology, and short films shot to celebrate the 40th anniversary.
The event's keywords, Discovery, Restoration, and Re-creation, were represented by graphics symbolizing small fragments. These fragments could scatter like shards, merge to form restored shapes, or completely recombine into entirely new configurations.
The word ‘Re-creation’, which is a part of the title on the book cover, was designed to be detachable, allowing the audience to actively participate in completing the book themselves.

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