Film Life
KT&G Sangsangmadang Cinema, located in Hongdae, Seoul, is an art-house cinema dedicated to showcasing a diverse spectrum of films, allowing audiences to enjoy a wide range of cinematic experiences. It also plays a pivotal role in discovering and supporting low-budget independent films. 

Sangsangmadang Cinema places a strong emphasis on communication with the audience and actively engages in community programs for both filmmakers and viewers.​​​​​​​
Film Life is a Loyalty program designed by KT&G Sangsangmadang Cinema to enable theatergoers to enjoy movies more frequently and with greater benefits.

I designed its identity, posters, print materials, and various merchandise using the idea of using a hole punch, a tool used for ticket validation at the theater. 
The program aimed to convey the intention of being a part of the audience's 'film life' by offering coupons and cards that could be used at the theater throughout the year. 

The design also incorporates elements such as seat layouts of the theater and black foil printing on black paper, evoking the atmosphere of a cinema, to showcase the brand's unique identity as a film venue.

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