Woowa Brothers Vietnam Company Ltd.

Brand Strategy: Seyoung Kang, Bit Han
Creative & Art Direction: Bit Han
Graphic Design: Bit Han, Ly Do, Thoung Phoung, Tran My, Lam Le, Bao Tran
Illustration: Tran My, Lam Le
Product Development: Khoa Nguyen, Hai Yen
Creative Content Specialist: Huong Trang
Production: Mai Ngan, Quynh Tram
Photography: Dung Nguyen, Anh Lam, Thuy Vy

Type Of Work
Branding, Campaigns, Sub-brand
Merchandising, Stationery
Product Design, Content Creation
BAEMIN has introduced a sub-brand with the aim of getting closer to its customers. This sub-brand, BAEMIN Studio, is dedicated to sharing creative projects that align with BAEMIN's mission of delivering moments of joy beyond food. It offers customers a fresh experience by incorporating clever narratives into tangible, interactive products and generating content inspired by everyday life.

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