7th Film Festival for Women's Rights—The Power of Facing

Korea Women’s Hotline

Planning/Editing: Ranhee Song, Yuyeon Choi, Jeong
Creative Direction / Graphic Design: Bit Han

Type Of Work
Creative Direction, Film Festival, Festival Identity
Typography, Poster, Brochure
This project is for the 7th Women's Rights Film Festival with the title ‘The Power of Facing.’ The festival primarily focuses on women and how they, as socially disadvantaged individuals, can confront and resolve issues they encounter, rather than avoiding them.

Under the theme of ‘The Power of Facing’ for this film festival, I envisioned situations where strength and ripples are maximized when one faces a challenge. Through this concept, the idea of an endlessly reflecting mirror image came to mind.

Photo: Infinity Mirrored Room - Love Forever by Yayoi Kusama, 1994, Victoria Miro

I carefully observed inspiring images and devised a form to illustrate this phenomenon. I arranged the Korean and English titles in a circular pattern, reversing them endlessly to create a form. This somehow resembles an eye, as I thought that the properties of an eye and a mirror were somewhat similar. I wanted the audiences to confront problems with confidence and look introspectively at themselves.
When I first received the project, I aimed to convey the message using only typefaces and the form of the text, excluding all other secondary elements. I wanted it to have a simple and raw feel, so I initially considered using only black and white versions. However, I also intended to hint at a new perspective on gender issues, so I added a purple color that appears to be a mixture of typical blue and red colors for males and females, creating three versions.

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