Cinematheque Friends Film Festival 2013

Program Director: Sungwook Kim
Researching and Editing: Bonyeon Kim
Marketing: Seonja Shin
Graphic Design: Bit Han

The Cinematheque Friends Film Festival is one of the largest film festivals organized and hosted by Cinematheque Seoul. It invited numerous film enthusiasts, including directors, producers, poets, and even musicians. A total of 25 films were screened, consisting of the filmmakers' choices and films selected by critics and the audience.​​​​​​​
This project reflected on both the nature of the theater, which persists in film screenings, and the festival's characteristic of inviting diverse individuals from cultural and artistic fields. The significance of the "Festival for Friends Gathered for Film" was expressed through letters converging at a point and then dispersing, akin to the light from a projector in a theater.

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